Initial call 2018-10-29

SavaPage started in 2011 as a proof-of-concept project, and I am proud it has now grown to a mature product. This adult status brings on new responsibilities. As more and more organizations adopt SavaPage Open Print Portal as business-critical in-house application, sustainable support and maintenance is more important than ever.

At this moment I am the sole developer and maintainer of the software. Moreover, I am also the sole employee and owner of Datraverse, a company that provides technical support and operational services to SavaPage Community Members. This position is certainly not sustainable in the long term, especially because, being a senior professional, the end of my career is in sight. Therefore, establishing partnerships and transferring business to a younger generation is one of my top priorities. My goal is to make this happen before 2023. Hopefully this gives me enough time to ensure a smooth transferal.

First of all, SavaPage is not just software: it expresses an ethical point of view by being Free Software. Secondly, Datraverse is not just a company: it is a Libre Software Practice, intended to be part of a federation of independent professionals, who work peer-to-peer to fulfill commercial Free Software Services for customers. This setting of a Free Business leans heavily on the Guiding Principles of the P2P Foundation, and is currently adopted by Datraverse in a proof-of-concept practice, waiting to get peer review and hopefully to gain momentum.

If you want to contribute as software developer have a look at the Development Partner Profile. If you would like to offer SavaPage installation and support services, take a look at the Deployment Partner Profile.

Current Partners

Last but not least, if you are strongly committed to Free Software and the concept of a Free Software Practice, and are willing to make a long term contribution, we can discuss a transfer of the legal stewardship of the SavaPage Community 1).

Rijk Ravestein SavaPage Technical Lead, Owner of Datraverse

Information about gross income from software subscriptions and services is available on request.
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