GNU/Linux Services are conducted as part of a Service Level Agreement

Below is a small selection of the services we offer. Please let us know what your requirements are, so we can give you a custom offer.

Product Service Units 1) Price 2)
Debian Netinstall bootstrap assistance 4 €90.00
Debian Netinstall completion 4 €90.00
Service Description Audience Price
Feasibility Study Feasibility of FOSS in current infrastructure. 3) ICT Management
System Administrators
on request
Analyses and Design From User Requirements to Software Configuration Application Managers
System Administrators
on request
On-the-Job Training Learn by Doing and Explanation Application Managers
GNU/Linux System Administrators
on request
Product Service Units Price
MariaDB Installation 4 €90.00
PostgreSQL Installation 4 €90.00
Product Service Units Price

SavaPage Installation with PostgreSQL 4 €90.00

PaperCut Integration
PaperCut Primary Server Installation with PostgreSQL 4 €90.00
PaperCut Secondary Server Installation 4 €90.00
PaperCut SavaPage Integration in Admin Web App 3 €67.50

SavaPage Basic Configuration (User Synchronization, SMTP) 4 €90.00
SavaPage CUPS Proxy Printer Configuration with PPD(E), per printer 2 €45.00
SavaPage Importing / Renewing SSL Certificate 2 €45.00
SavaPage Preparation for Moodle SSO (test monitoring included) 4 €90.00

SavaPage Web Customization: jQuery Mobile Theming, CSS, HTML 12 €270.00
SavaPage Job Ticket Customization on request
SavaPage Custom Email Templates on request

We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience with a wide range of FOSS products we can offer services for. The table below shows a non-exhaustive selection.

Product Description
Apache The world's most used web server software.
PHP General-purpose scripting language that powers many popular Web Applications.
Let’s Encrypt A Free, Automated, and Open Certificate Authority.
Nextcloud Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication and more.
Dovecot IMAP and POP3 email server.
Roundcube Webmail Browser-based, multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface.
Dokuwiki Simple to use and highly versatile Wiki software that doesn't require a database.
SavaPage Open Print Portal An Innovative Solution for Advanced Print Services.
CUPS Standards-based, Open Source printing system.
. . . . . .

SLA Units
VAT excluded
Our advice about FOSS on proprietary platforms, like Windows, is best effort and most likely flawed, since we are not able to test what the product specifications proclaim.
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